Tuesday Jun 18, 2024
w/ Boob Radley | Kello Hitty
Thursday Jun 20, 2024
Janie Danger & the Wifesuckers
w/ Buice | Big Yellow | We Are Damselflys
Friday Jun 21, 2024
TWINS / That Which Is Not Said
w/ Nelward | Pinkest | 24Hr Lesbian Date
Saturday Jun 22, 2024
Wieuca (album release)
w/ Psychic Death | A Blue Room
Monday Jun 24, 2024
w/ Spacers | Slick | Gilmore Teusink
Tuesday Jun 25, 2024
w/ OG DosEquis | DJ Pocket | JP Villa
Wednesday Jun 26, 2024
Dive Star
w/ Equal Creatures | Tongues of Fire | Sleep Number
Thursday Jun 27, 2024
w/ Jovan El Feo | Von Phoenix | Mila Killa | JSPORT
Friday Jun 28, 2024
all under heaven
w/ Hubble | Coma Therapy | Why Girls Kill
Saturday Jun 29, 2024
Veil & Whom? present HYPNOTIQ
Tuesday Jul 02, 2024
Leah Senior
Wednesday Jul 03, 2024
Rui Gabriel
w/ O Key | Bizner
Thursday Jul 04, 2024
Soul Blind
w/ Askysoblack | Dime | Zija | Plasticine
Saturday Jul 06, 2024
Tim Cappello (The Lost Boys)
Tuesday Jul 09, 2024
Scare Quotes (Last Show)
Floral Print (Last Show)
w/ Truth Club | Psaltery | Plastique
Wednesday Jul 10, 2024
w/ Mood Room | Scor | Ritual Day
Thursday Jul 11, 2024
Cinema Stare
w/ zl!ster | Indelicate
Friday Jul 12, 2024
w/ Devon Welsh | Lorie
Saturday Jul 13, 2024
w/ Suede Cassidy | Revival Season | TAYLOR ALXNDR
Tuesday Jul 16, 2024
w/ Rogue Dynamo | Victor Mariachi | freespottie & Ill Kalil | DJ Throwback Soul | Automatic Bazooti
Thursday Jul 18, 2024
William Crooks
w/ TYGKO | Garbage for Lust | LAMB13
Saturday Jul 20, 2024
Dinner Time
w/ Rujen | Buko Boys | Cannibal Kids
Tuesday Jul 23, 2024
Previous Indistries
Wednesday Jul 24, 2024
Secret Towns “Summerland” Album Release
w/ Kelly Romo | Lorenzo & Co | John Burns
Thursday Jul 25, 2024
w/ J. Rawls | Lunden Benard | Headkrack | Hosted by Fort Knox w/ DJ Kerosene
Friday Jul 26, 2024
The Folk Implosion
w/ Lou Barlow | John Davis
Saturday Jul 27, 2024
The Pierres
w/ Nicholas Mallis and the Borealis | Mom Friend | Buckhead Shaman
Monday Jul 29, 2024
The Body
Dis Fig
w/ Cel Genesis
Friday Aug 02, 2024
Juan Wauters
Wednesday Aug 07, 2024
Thursday Aug 08, 2024
TC Superstar
Friday Aug 23, 2024
w/ Mother’s Milk | Night Cleaner
Monday Sep 09, 2024
Sour Widows
w/ Mallbangs
Friday Sep 20, 2024
Tinzo + Jojo
Saturday Sep 21, 2024
Alingon Mitra
Tuesday Oct 01, 2024
Friday Oct 04, 2024
Fake Fruit
w/ Spllit
Saturday Oct 05, 2024
Wednesday Oct 09, 2024
Monday Oct 21, 2024
French Police
w/ Wisteria
Monday Oct 28, 2024
Uz Jsme Doma
Tuesday Jul 23, 2024
18+ | 8:00 pm | $18 - $20
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Previous Indistries

Previous Indistries

Previous Industries is three Chicagoans of a certain age — Open Mike Eagle, Video Dave, and STILL RIFT — who currently reside in LA. In a city where transplants often say they find it hard to connect with new people, these guys found a way around that by delving into the past to rekindle old connections. When that connection was made, they seemed to stay in the past, rapping about anything and everything but always bolstered by nostalgia and shared memories.

The innate chemistry between them as rappers could only be achieved because of their long-standing friendships, something that is evident in their multiple previous collaborations. It is only now that they have officially formed a group around this commonality. Previous Industries marks their official debut as a group by sharing a preview of what 2024 has in store with their double single “Showbiz” and “Braids” which will be available on a limited-edition light gray marble 7-inch on Friday, January 26, 2024.

“Showbiz” (produced by Child Actor) is an intentional song designed to be an introduction, a handshake, and an offer to buy you a drink. It’s a declaration of who Previous Industries is and what they are all about: “Gather round / We’re the new fools in town / And our sounds lay down by the underground.”

“Braids” (produced by Quelle Chris) harkens back to the era of freestyle ciphers where a group of people make a circle and make up rhymes on the spot that usually follow the rhyme of the last person. It’s the three-man weave in basketball. It’s braided-rope Double Dutch in a church courtyard.

Open Mike Eagle needs no introduction. An emcee, comedian, and podcaster, Open Mike Eagle coined the term “art rap” to describe his whip-smart, literate style of hip-hop, which draws inspiration from Freestyle Fellowship and De La Soul as well as They Might Be Giants and Pavement. While he has ten albums to his name, a few of the many critically acclaimed highlights are Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (2017), Anime, Trauma and Divorce (2020), and Component System with the Auto Reverse (2022). All the while, he has become a respected figure in the comedy world, co-hosting several podcasts as well as the Comedy Central series The New Negroes.

Video Dave first met Mike on the campus grounds of Southern Illinois University where an innate creative bond was formed on campus while honing their skills alongside other notable figures Hannibal Buress and Serengeti. For the uninitiated, Video Dave is a Chicago-bred rapper, TV producer, beatmaker, and writer who notably worked with Open Mike Eagle on The New Negroes where Dave was a musical guest with both Mike and Method Man as well as working on the production of the show. In 2023, he released ArticulatedTexTiles which includes features from OME and STILL RIFT. That album earned a slew of critical praise including being named one of July’s best hip-hop albums by Bandcamp. A true multi-hyphenate artist, he has had a creative hand in seemingly disparate corners of modern-day culture — from sewing to reality TV shows to Prince performing at the Super Bowl, somehow Dave has a connection.

Enter STILL RIFT, a high school friend of Mike’s whom he has lovingly described as “a mystery wrapped in an enigma.” While he has not released his own music, he has made numerous appearances turning out memorable features on others’ projects. He was most recently featured on OME’s 2023 album Another Triumph of Ghetto Engineering, as was Video Dave.

Previous Indistries