Tuesday Jun 18, 2024
w/ Boob Radley | Kello Hitty
Thursday Jun 20, 2024
Janie Danger & the Wifesuckers
w/ Buice | Big Yellow | We Are Damselflys
Friday Jun 21, 2024
TWINS / That Which Is Not Said
w/ Nelward | Pinkest | 24Hr Lesbian Date
Saturday Jun 22, 2024
Wieuca (album release)
w/ Psychic Death | A Blue Room
Monday Jun 24, 2024
w/ Spacers | Slick | Gilmore Teusink
Tuesday Jun 25, 2024
w/ OG DosEquis | DJ Pocket | JP Villa
Wednesday Jun 26, 2024
Dive Star
w/ Equal Creatures | Tongues of Fire | Sleep Number
Thursday Jun 27, 2024
w/ Jovan El Feo | Von Phoenix | Mila Killa | JSPORT
Friday Jun 28, 2024
all under heaven
w/ Hubble | Coma Therapy | Why Girls Kill
Saturday Jun 29, 2024
Veil & Whom? present HYPNOTIQ
Tuesday Jul 02, 2024
Leah Senior
Wednesday Jul 03, 2024
Rui Gabriel
w/ O Key | Bizner
Thursday Jul 04, 2024
Soul Blind
w/ Askysoblack | Dime | Zija | Plasticine
Saturday Jul 06, 2024
Tim Cappello (The Lost Boys)
Tuesday Jul 09, 2024
Scare Quotes (Last Show)
Floral Print (Last Show)
w/ Truth Club | Psaltery | Plastique
Wednesday Jul 10, 2024
w/ Mood Room | Scor | Ritual Day
Thursday Jul 11, 2024
Cinema Stare
w/ zl!ster | Indelicate
Friday Jul 12, 2024
w/ Devon Welsh | Lorie
Saturday Jul 13, 2024
w/ Suede Cassidy | Revival Season | TAYLOR ALXNDR
Tuesday Jul 16, 2024
w/ Rogue Dynamo | Victor Mariachi | freespottie & Ill Kalil | DJ Throwback Soul | Automatic Bazooti
Thursday Jul 18, 2024
William Crooks
w/ TYGKO | Garbage for Lust | LAMB13
Saturday Jul 20, 2024
Dinner Time
w/ Rujen | Buko Boys | Cannibal Kids
Tuesday Jul 23, 2024
Previous Indistries
Wednesday Jul 24, 2024
Secret Towns “Summerland” Album Release
w/ Kelly Romo | Lorenzo & Co | John Burns
Thursday Jul 25, 2024
w/ J. Rawls | Lunden Benard | Headkrack | Hosted by Fort Knox w/ DJ Kerosene
Friday Jul 26, 2024
The Folk Implosion
w/ Lou Barlow | John Davis
Saturday Jul 27, 2024
The Pierres
w/ Nicholas Mallis and the Borealis | Mom Friend | Buckhead Shaman
Monday Jul 29, 2024
The Body
Dis Fig
w/ Cel Genesis
Friday Aug 02, 2024
Juan Wauters
Wednesday Aug 07, 2024
Thursday Aug 08, 2024
TC Superstar
Friday Aug 23, 2024
w/ Mother’s Milk | Night Cleaner
Monday Sep 09, 2024
Sour Widows
w/ Mallbangs
Friday Sep 20, 2024
Tinzo + Jojo
Saturday Sep 21, 2024
Alingon Mitra
Tuesday Oct 01, 2024
Friday Oct 04, 2024
Fake Fruit
w/ Spllit
Saturday Oct 05, 2024
Wednesday Oct 09, 2024
Monday Oct 21, 2024
French Police
w/ Wisteria
Monday Oct 28, 2024
Uz Jsme Doma
Wednesday Oct 09, 2024
18+ | 9:00 pm | $15
529 & Speakeasy Promotions Presents:



ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary EBM/Coldwave/New Beat band from Brussels, Belgium, formed
in late 2019 by frontman and multi-instrumentalist Sam Huge and keyboardist/producer Gaelle Souflet.
In 2023, they were joined on stage by keyboardist and percussionist Alexis Andrigo.

ULTRA SUNN expresses a desire for modernity through its themes, fresh approach to sounds and
collaborations (Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Curses, Sarin) while being the heirs of the
famous Sound Of Belgium and classical EBM.
ULTRA SUNN regularly played alongside Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF or A Split Second.

In 2020 with the release of their hit “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” the duo gained widespread
recognition, performing concerts all around the world, from Brussels to Los Angeles, Las Vegas,
Calgary, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Bogota, Berlin, London, and many more.

The band already released 3 EPs called ‘Night is Mine’, ‘Body Electric’ and ‘Kill Your Idols’, all
borrowing from their activities in classical arts and fashion shows, their New Beat and EBM
inspirations and their desire to create dancing and luminous hymns about self improvement,
gender equality, fight against anxiety. Always with an inclusive, powerful and positive spirit.

In 2023, ULTRA SUNN signed a worldwide, multi-album deal with Canadian-based label Artoffact
Records then embarked on a tour in Latin America, (Mexico, Medellin, Bogota, Lima, Santiago,
and Sao Paulo).

The duo annonces their first full LP for April 2024 as well as two USA tours for Spring and Fall
The first tour will include the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas then Los Angeles, the band
will also play up the west coast to end in Vancouver, Canada.
The second tour will start from New York, go down the east coast to Florida then pass through
Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee among other places, and end in Chicago.

ULTRA SUNN is already rescheduled across Europe, and will stop at the Orangerie, Botanique in
Brussels, in their home town to celebrate the release of ‘US’, their long-awaited first full album.